We were excited to be interviewed by Fred Blankenship of Atlanta’s ABC affiliate WSB TV News about our new technology being developed for the visually impaired in the DOT Inclusive Design Challenge.  We spoke about how our company came about through David’s experience getting hit by a vehicle, how our technology will be indispensable for the visually impaired when taking Autonomous Vehicles, and how the DOT Inclusive Design Challenge is helping this technology to happen.  Not everything we spoke about aired, but the story ran on the 4pm, 5:30pm, and 6pm news.  The 5:30p and 6pm news anchors spoke about the DOT Inclusive Design Challenge, but the 4pm news did not mention it, and that is the one they posted on their website with the Inclusive Design Challenge being mentioned in the text.  It was an exciting day!  You can read and watch it below:

Team FAR’s WSB TV News Story