Foresight Augmented Reality intimately understands individual differences and the importance of inclusion. Multiple FAR team members have disabilities themselves as well as diverse families.

Authentic inclusion is the spirit behind everything we do at FAR, from how we approach life and business, to how we’re approaching the Inclusive Design Challenge. This is why FAR is focused on strengthening our ability to learn what potential different challenges and concerns the African American, Hispanic and other blind and aging populations have with regard to using autonomous vehicle transportation.

Understanding the potential different needs of minority community members who are blind or visually impaired is mission critical to FAR.  To achieve this mission critical goal, FAR is partnering with minority community and educational leaders so we can better connect with students, young professionals, and the individuals with disabilities within these communities who will be taking autonomous vehicle transport in the future. Understanding what concerns, challenges, and difficulties there are right now for everyone across all groups will help FAR create the solutions that solve each of these issues.